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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How Debbie Helped Sarah and her Husband with a Complicated Situation

“Debbie was amazing as our Realtor. We had like a complicated situation with buying and selling and she was able to really work through it and keep us calm. And she was a really, really good negotiator. She knows a lot of people in the area and we felt well connected, and we always felt very well represented. I really have to say buying and selling homes can be quite stressful. We were selling our house and then buying another house and we wanted to do it at the same time. She was able to you know do a great job working through all of that for us. She really found us a home that we hope to live in for thirty years. We really just appreciate you know everything she did for us. We’re tough customers and we really felt that she did an outstanding job helping us purchase our home and sell our other home at great prices. I just think, she’s very well connected, she’d always get back to us a lot, like very, very quickly. She had a way of making us feel like we were her only customer even though I know we weren’t. She was so on top of everything, and she understood everything, she was a really, really good listener. She just really represented us well on all sides. We had a refrigerator we needed to get rid of because our buyers didn’t want it and there was confusion and this was on the day that we were closing and Debbie had someone. And within an hour that person was able to come and pick up our fridge so it wasn’t any problem for us. She was able to find people to do things very quickly and was just a really warm person. I didn’t know Debbie before we hired her as a Realtor and I just, I was very impressed we her and so was my husband.”

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