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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Replace Your Space and Add Pizzazz with a Fresh Splash of Color!

The bottom line is that if you aren’t in the market for a new home anytime soon, you just have to learn to “live” with the one you already have. Not that your four walls are anything less than to be desired – but the simple fact is that after 5, 10, especially 20 years later – you NEED change. We’ve put together some trendy ideas that will at least make you feel as if you’ve moved on to a bigger and better place. So enjoy the best of both worlds while you are in the comfort of your familiar domain yet surrounded by a new look!

Add Tangible Texture

By simply incorporating a few textured walls in your design scheme, you will enhance the look of your home or office significantly. The updated look will almost instantly increase the perceived value of your domain. The modern, stylish trend has been around largely since the 70s but today’s newer patterns, large variety of painting accessoriesand exciting paint finishes, make the end result seem as if you had your place decorated by a professional. Whether you opt for an extra-wide tree bark texture finish or go for an exaggerated striped wall making a mixed pattern of some glossy paint finish stripes and others matte – the choice (and look) is yours. Break away from the boring and routine. Embrace the pizzazz your place will instantly command attention to – after all you are going to be around for a while, right?

Make it Monochrome

For rooms that should be larger than they really are (like your family room, for instance) one way to add some zing to it is to play around with all shades of one color. So while it’s technically ‘monochromatic’ the varying shades add interest and dimension to the room. The first step: choose your color. It would be a good idea to consider the number of furniture pieces you have in the space, your liking or disliking of a particular color, and also just how much you want to ‘go crazy’ with this color. Once you decide, visit a color specialist at a leading home improvement store and go up one shade and down one shade, select the spectrum you want to decorate with. From that point on, pick and choose select pieces in the room, being careful not to overdo large pieces with heavy colors, therefore throwing off the balance of the room.

Hang it all Up

In case your goal is to feel as if you’ve moved into that extra large house with the spacious closets and HUGE living room, there is a solution for you! Once you’ve fixed up the place with a textured and (maybe) monochrome look, by strategically installing large mirrors in key areas, you can expand the look and feel of the space. Not only that, the flow of light will increase hugely, which can lend an entirely different personality to your home or office. When you install mirrors, use the beveled-edge variety for a more polished look. The larger the wall, the larger the mirror – and the more perceived space in the room.

Whoever said “a little bit goes a long way” really knew what they were talking about. It doesn’t have to break your bank to replace your space, but as long as you are willing to give it some time and energy, in no time – and especially until you are ready to move on to that dream home – you can have a home that looks and feels brand new!

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